The greatest impact that DAPCEP has is directly reflected in the success of our students. One student who was extremely shy when he began our Little Engineer That Could program in kindergarten, ended the program in third grade by making a public presentation summed up what DAPCEP meant to him, during our Little Engineer graduation:


esign process in action


tom – the smallest unit of matter, because you can start in DAPCEP as a small child


articipation from everyone


ommunity involvement


xcellence in education


arents as your partners

This child’s mother commented that DAPCEP aided in her child’s confidence level to excel in school and he grew out of his shy state.
Surveys of students in our Fall 2010 Saturday programming session and summer session alumni result highlight DAPCEP’s impact on students’ lives.

End-of-Course Survey – All Sessions Fall 2010

92% of students agreed, “I will graduate from high school.”

94% of students agreed, “I will attend college.”

93% of students agreed, “I will graduate from college.”

Summer Series Program Graduates

90.0% of students graduated from high school.

89.3% are currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.

80.6% of those currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, are pursuing a STEMM Degree.

100% of those pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in STEMM, plan to pursue a career in STEMM.


dditionally, a 2011 survey and focus group discussion with parents showed:

  • 100% of DAPCEP parents agree that DAPCEP is an excellent program that exposes, motivates, and prepares students for higher education and careers in STEMM fields.
  • It has been noted that 60% of students who participated in DAPCEP’s summer engineering academy at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor’s School of Engineering applied and were accepted to the school.
  • Over 90% of Detroit Public School entries in the Metropolitan Detroit Science Fair have consistently originated in DAPCEP In-school classrooms. As a result of knowledge gained from our curriculum, all of the Grand awards (the highest achievement possible) given to DPS students were awarded to DAPCEP students.
  • 80% of DAPCEP alumni survey responded that DAPCEP prepared them for higher education and careers in STEMM fields.