Spring 2015 course information will be available in December 2014

Course IDCourse NameGrade LevelLocationTime
Intro to Robotics7,8Triumph Church
Intro to 3-D Rendering 8Triumph Church
ACT Prep9,10,11University of Detroit Mercy
Urban Design Workshop 2014 Session 2 8,9IMHOTEP9AM - 12PM
Advanced 3-D Rendering8,9Triumph Church
20500Forensic Crime Stoppers4University of Detroit Mercy8:30AM - 10:30AM
20501Forensic Crime Stoppers4Univeristy of Detroit Mercy11:00AM - 1:30PM
20510World in Motion 2.0 The Hydrogen Fuel Cell 5University of Detroit Mercy8:30AM - 10:30AM
20511 World in Motion 2.0 The Hydrogen Fuel Cell 5Univeristy of Detroit Mercy11:00AM - 1:30PM
20515Discovery of Life9,10University of Detroit Mercy9AM - 12:30PM
20530Computer Aided Design Using CATIA9,10University of Detroit Mercy9AM - 12:30PM
20535The Chemical World8,9University of Detroit Mercy9AM - 12:30PM
20560TRANSIT: Smart Moves8,9University of Detroit Mercy9AM - 12:30PM
20565ACT Prep9,10,11University of Detroit Mercy9AM - 12PM
20575The IT Code8,9University of Detroit Mercy9AM - 12:30PM
20590GAME ON: Maximizing Your College Experience12Sensible Business: Technical and Leadership Institute 9AM - 12PM
20595SMILE! “You’re on Candid Camera”7,8,9,10Triumph Church9AM - 12PM
20600Digital Character Design: Happy Animation11,12Triumph Church9AM - 12PM
21005Pre-Engineering Math (Part II)6Wayne State University9AM - 12PM
21010Intro to Computers7Wayne State University9AM - 12PM
21015Algebra8Wayne State University9AM - 12PM
21020Study Smarter Not Harder9,10Wayne State University9AM - 12PM
21025Pre-Calculus11,12Wayne State University9AM - 12PM
21030Think 3-D Geometry9,10Wayne State University9AM - 12PM
21035Intermediate Math7Wayne State University9AM - 12PM
21042Intro to Engineering11,12Wayne State University9AM - 12PM
21050Exploring Renewable Energy9,10Wayne State University9AM - 12PM
21505Computer Programming7,8University of Michigan Dearborn9AM - 12:30PM
21515Laboratory Science9,10University of Michigan Dearborn9AM - 12:30PM
21520ACT/SAT Math Preparation10,11University of Michigan Dearborn9AM - 12:30PM
22035Calculus I for Engineers and Scientists9,10,11,12Oakland University9AM - 12PM
22050Algebra II for Engineers and Scientists9,10,11,12Oakland University9AM - 12PM
22070Chemistry (Part ) for Engineers and Scientists10,11,12Oakland University9AM - 12PM
22075Vex Robotics7,8,9,10Oakland University9AM - 12PM
22505Math Matters!7Motivating Factors (Exam Experts) 9AM - 12PM
22515Writing, Research, and Composition for Future Engineers7,8Motivating Factors (Exam Experts) 9AM - 12PM
22525Exam Experts ACT Exam Conquerors Program Level 17,8,9,10Motivating Factors (Exam Experts) 9AM - 12PM
23510What Can You Do at the Detroit Zoo?7,8Detroit Zoological Society9AM - 12PM
27115Urban Design Workshop 2014 Session 18,9IMHOTEP9AM - 12PM
27120Video Game Design7,8The Creation Station 9AM - 12PM
28010Glow Blue8,9University of Michigan - Ann Arbor9AM - 1PM
28015Pirates of Michigan8,9University of Michigan - Ann Arbor9AM - 1PM
28025Wonders of Flight8,9University of Michigan - Ann Arbor9AM - 1PM
28030Build it Bigger, Better, Stronger!8,9University of Michigan - Ann Arbor9AM - 1PM
28040Theme Park Operations and Logistics8,9University of Michigan - Ann Arbor9AM - 1PM
28055Exploring Engineering7University of Michigan - Detroit Center9AM - 12PM
28100The Probability of Life11,12Blue Cross Blue Shield9AM - 12PM