Get Involved


Help shape our next generation STEM leaders

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are integral to the success of DAPCEP programs. Individuals or corporate employees who partner with DAPCEP contribute to the development of course content, are trained to facilitate courses, and provide critically important real-world knowledge and mentorship to DAPCEP students.


Individuals can make a positive difference in the lives of DAPCEP students. Volunteers help pack course materials, learn to facilitate STEM activities and become a huge asset when supporting large-scale events and courses.

Become a Wonder Maker

Wondermakers are teachers who have the unique ability to command the respect of a class, capture students’ imaginations, inspire action, and help students pursue their own STEM futures with passion.


Partner with Us

For 45 years, DAPCEP has partnered with many major corporations, local organizations, area schools and universities to develop comprehensive programs and experiences for students. It is the generous support of DAPCEP’s 40+ partners that helps keep programming dynamic and offered at a lower cost.


DAPCEP partners with leading STEM corporations and businesses to design and facilitate courses focused on real-world application of STEM concepts. Partners develop courses, sponsor large-scale events, and fund innovative education opportunities for students.