Volunteer with DAPCEP

DAPCEP volunteers are a key aspect of the program’s success. Volunteers support large-scale DAPCEP events and courses by:

  • Guiding students throughout event/course spaces towards different workshops (when in-person events resume)
  • Engaging students during workshop presentations
  • Monitoring students during transition periods (when necessary)
  • Acting as group leaders and distributing bags, shirts, and snacks
  • Assisting in workshop timekeeping
  • Virtually monitoring workshop sessions

Become a Wondermaker

Wondermaker teachers are THE motivating source for most of DAPCEP students. Combining passion for the STEM subject area with a unique ability to instruct, inspire creativity and command the class, teachers are a vital asset for DAPCEP programming. Wondermaker duties include:

  • Developing STEM curriculum with hands-on, interactive activities
  • Planning weekly lessons
  • Using learner data to refine curriculum
  • Measuring student progress
  • Attending to student needs. Provide extra support when needed.
  • Providing encouraging feedback and advice to students.

Hear From Our Wondermakers