DAPCEP Partners

Become a STEM Sponsor

DAPCEP began in partnership with the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, one Detroit high school, and two middle schools. Partners play a pivotal role in connecting students to the world of STEM opportunities. Partners represent the world’s best in STEM, and serve as relatable examples of what students can become. Corporate and university partners support DAPCEP activities in a variety of ways:

  • Financial contributions, grants
  • Support signature programs and workshops
  • Ask The Expert, mentors.
  • Internships
  • Event support
  • On-campus programming
  • College Tours and residency experiences”

Interested in sponsoring a DAPCEP activity or program?

Rocket Community Fund

BLKOUT Walls Mural Festival

Partnership Opportunities

Invest in STEM futures. Check out this summary of opportunities!

Ask the Experts
We are collecting questions from DAPCEP students and parents for STEM professionals on the topic of career experiences. You can record a short and engaging response video to one (or more) questions that will be posted on our social media sites. This initiative is designed to introduce students and parents to the realities of various corporate cultures, and demonstrates how a family might find partner product and innovation present in their daily lives. The timeline for this project would is ongoing.

Let’s Collaborate!

DAPCEP connects with community organizations to design and host STEM programs for area youth. Activities include:

  • STEM Day Workshops
  • Pop-Up Events
  • Specialty-designed STEM activities

Back To School Fair

Links STEAMM Collaborative