Saturday Classes

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Pre-K through 3rd Grade classes build a strong foundation so that our youngest future leaders are equipped to explore the world and its possibilities. Explorer classes are held on 8 Saturdays in the Spring semester (February through April) and in the Fall (September through November). Explorer topics include: astronomy, biology, hydrology, earth & natural science, physics, engineering (chemical, electrical, and mechanical), and technology.


4th through 12th Grade classes prepare our next-generation leaders to step out into the world and contribute to the STEM economy. Pathfinders classes are held on 6 Saturdays in the Spring semester (February and March) and in the Fall (October and November). Pathfinder classes include: artificial intelligence, chemistry, cybersecurity, digital tech, engineering, math, nuclear power, physics, robotics, SAT Prep, urban design, zoology and more.

Additional Info

Classes will culminate in a final showcase event held at the end of each semester. Classes are held both in-person and online. Course materials will be distributed either by mail, or via scheduled safe pick-up at the DAPCEP office located in downtown Detroit. There is a $100 fee for the Explorers program, and $25 fee for Pathfinders courses. Limited scholarships are available for eligible families.