Take a STEM Class

DAPCEP Saturdays

On Saturdays during the school year, and in camp format during the summer, we motivate, expose, and prepare students for futures in STEM fields. DAPCEP STEM Saturdays Series courses are hands-on, foundational, and prepare pre-K to 12th grade students to pursue advanced STEM educational pathways. 25 – 35 courses take place for 6 weeks on college and university campuses throughout Southeastern Michigan in the fall and spring.

Explorers Pre-K to 3rd Grade

The Explorers program builds on the natural curiosity of our youngest students  in pre-K to third grade. For 8 Saturday mornings in the Fall and Spring, students participate in sensory-engaging projects and modules that explore topics including astronomy, space science, biology, plants, and human body systems.

Pathfinders 4th to 12th Grade

Pathfinders courses achieve results by offering hands-on, interactive, and highly motivational curriculum content. Every week’s module builds on content taught during the prior week and culminates in a final project and post-test to demonstrate growth and aptitude.

Course topics include computer programming, zoo science, entrepreneurship, algebra readiness, video game design, urban design architecture, and artificial intelligence.

Summer Camps

DAPCEP program partners engage students in camps of various lengths. Many are residential where students live on campus and get an early glimpse at college life while learning STEM topics. Others are commuter, taking place Monday through Friday.  Summer camps focus on exposing youth to cutting edge technology, the rigors of college life, and unique outdoor STEM experiences such as drone certification.


In-School Curriculum (DISC)

DISC focuses on advanced STEM and project-based learning during weekday, in-school hours.


Brings 3-hour workshops led by trained facilitators to schools and organizations throughout metro-Detroit.

Multi-Year Engagement Programs

In a cohort model, multi-year programs engage students in two consecutive years of targeted activities that include Saturday courses, immersive experiences, and summer courses.