Pathfinders 4-12th Grade

Spring 2022 Courses Run from 2/19/22 – 3/26/22.

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Beats Production (Audio Engineers of Detroit)

Grades 9-12, Saturdays from 4/2/22 – 5/7/22 (1:00-3:00pm)

Students will be able to match their passion for music with the basic elements of music production.

Ford Signature Program: Intro to Computer Programming

Grades 10-12, Saturdays from 4/2/22 to 5/21/22 (10:00am-12:00pm)

Students will explore computer programming through the Beauty & Joy of Computing curriculum, using the Snap language.

Making Plants on Mars

Grades 9-12, Saturdays 4/23/22 and Saturday 4/30/22 (10:00am-12:00pm)

On the campus of Michigan State University, high school students will conduct experiments using actual scientific instruments to discover how many plants are needed to provide enough oxygen to keep them alive on Mars. 

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Aim High AI: Artificial Intelligence

Grades 9-12

Get ready to bring artificial intelligence to your projects using data, cutting-edge tools, services, and more!

Animations and Movies

Grades 6-8

Explore computer animation to create an original computer-generated movie.

Bioengineering and Foundational Health Sciences

Grades 6-8

Students will learn the basics of bioengineering. Activities include a model hand-making and a virus simulation activity.

Building Blocks of Math

Grades 4-5

Foundational math course designed to give young students strong base knowledge that is vital to future math.

Coding Online Games with Scratch

Grades 4-6

Students will storyboard, design, and develop intermediate games using block programming language and the MIT Scratch application.

Critical Thinkers

Grades 6-8

Students will use critical thinking skills such as inductive and deductive reasoning to solve and build board games, and use physics to devise and solve puzzles.

Cyber Security: Hacking Heroes

Grades 9-12

Start as a beginner in cybersecurity & ethical hacking and go from baseline to being able to hack wireless routers, crack passwords, and understand the reasoning behind those processes.

DAPCEP Senior Seminar (formerly Steps to Success)

Grade 12

Designed for current 12th grade students and will provide strategies to empower and prepare students for success in college.

Digital Money Makers

Grades 6-12

Students will study successful digital media marketing models, write business plans, create presentations and produce advertising campaigns.

Exam Experts – SAT Level 1

Grades 7-9

Students receive systemic, comprehensive training for the SAT exam, utilizing Exam Experts’ highly motivational Accelerated Retention Learning (ARL) training method.

Exam Experts – SAT Level 2

Grades 10-12

10-12th grade high school students will receive preparation for the PSAT and SAT Test using innovative approaches.

Forensic Science Investigators

Grades 9-11

Students will be introduced to the basic ideas of forensic science and learn how to process a crime scene. Concepts studied include: acid/base analysis, blood analysis; fingerprint analysis; and many more.

Ford Program – Engineering Design

Grade 12

Each student team will envision a solution for a company, product, or service that addresses a selected engineering challenge. Students will present to a panel of Altair Engineering personnel.

Ford Program – Computer Science

Grade 11

Facilitated by Michigan Technological University for students interested in coding and computer science. Students who complete this class can apply for the Ford summer 2022 internship program as high school seniors.

Glow Blue! Nuclear Engineering

Grades 7-9

Glow Blue students will learn about the fundamentals of engineering by studying the functions and properties of atoms!

Growing Great at the Detroit Zoo

Grades 4-6

Students explore what it means to eat healthy, where our food comes from, and how nutritious diets are selected for the animals living at the Detroit Zoo.

Intro to Algebra and Engineering

Grades 6-8

Math and engineering-intensive course providing early exposure to Algebra for 6th – 8th graders using fun and innovative approaches.

Inventing History

Grade 6

A course for both students and their parent(s). Participants learn the invention process and the course is offered in partnership with the Henry Ford Museum.

JavaScript Programming

Grades 9-12

Students will learn about computer science and JavaScript (or JS) programming using the Bitsbox application.

Lego Movie-Making

Grades 4-5

Learn how to use animation and 3-D virtual reality software program. Use Lego® Bricks and Lego® sets to create, design, and film.

Magic & Mystery of Crystal Growth (NEW)

Grades 7-9

Participants will explore real-world applications of crystallization, from food science to advanced manufacturing.

MEGC | Engineering the World Around Us

Grades 7-9

Learn engineering fundamentals and apply principles to exciting challenges, like designing a miniature boat to support as much weight as possible and programming a robotic car.

Minecraft Adventures

Grades 4-5

Using Minecraft Education Edition, students will not only play Minecraft, but also build levels, design and use problem solving skills.

Minecraft Adventures – Advanced

Grades 6-8

Using Minecraft Education Edition, students will not only advance their knowledge of Minecraft through gameplay, but will also building adventure maps, and resource packs.

Mini Robot Series 1 (NEW)

Grades 9-12

This introductory microcontroller course will introduce students to hardware and software facets of a microcontroller used for robotic operations.

Roblox eSport Game Design

Grades 9-12

Teaches students lessons about the eSports industry and how to design a gaming platform using the Roblox Studio application.

Roblox Game Design

Grades 6-8

Dive into the endless world of Roblox and create your own games! Roblox allows you to create whatever you can imagine. Learn how to use Roblox Studio to create your own levels, environments, and worlds.

SAT Math – Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, and Trigonometry

Grades 9-12

Math 4 Success’ SAT Math Prep course is designed to prepare current high school students (9th-12th graders) for the PSAT and SAT tests.

SHPE | Exploring Space Engineering

Grades 7-9

Participants will engage in a simulated space mission to colonize the moon. Each week, participants will learn about a different stage of a space mission and the engineering concepts behind each stage.

The ABCs of Public Speaking and Technology

Grades 6-8

Students will learn the basics of speaking effectively in common life situations using digital technology.

Next Best-selling Comic Book

Grades 4-6

This course will introduce students to authoring a book with creative writing, design concepts, and content placement. Students will develop an understanding of authoring a book.

Urban Design Architecture Workshop

Grades 7-12

Students are introduced to architecture topics and use knowledge to develop a site located within one of Detroit’s most historic neighborhoods.

Algebra: Reunion of Broken Parts

Grades 5-8

This course is designed to introduce and guide students through hands-on and traditional learning techniques of algebraic principles.

Central Science: The Study of Everyday Chemistry

Grades 5-8

Chemistry is the study of matter, and touches many aspects of our lives. This course is an introduction to basic principles of chemistry and applies them to everyday interactions.

Cracking the Code: Life of π(thon)

Grades 5-8

Python is the ideal language to teach beginner programmers due to clear, readable syntax, quick progression, versatility, widely available resources, and the supportive community.

Cracking the Code: Building Blocks to Programming

Grades 4-8

Intermediate skilled coders will investigate how the programming language Blockly incorporates Python.

Cracking the Code: Scratching the Surface

Grades 4-8

An introduction into Computer Science through Scratch. Students will learn coding fundamentals such as loops, variables, and data types.

Engineering in Medicine

Grades 5-8

Students will interact with simulation manikins and equipment while learning how materials used in engineering impact and improve medical treatment.

Engineering of Theater

Grades 5-8

Students will be introduced to technical and STEM related theatrics behind the scenes: lighting, staging, and more!

EPIC: Entrance to the Power, Ion, and Circuits

Grades 5-8

Highlights the basics of electrical engineering principles, which lead to electric circuits used in the field of robotics and automation.

The Science of Risky Business

Grades 9-12

Students will be introduced to the critical work of what actuarial science professionals do.