Pathfinders 4-12th Grade

DAPCEP Pathfinders

DAPCEP Saturday courses are foundational STEM courses that prepare pre-K to 12th grade students to pursue advanced STEM educational pathways. Taking place in both the Fall and Spring, terms range from 6 to 8 weeks (our youngest learners in the Explorers program participate for 8 weeks). Courses take place both virtually, and in-person.  Topics include: articificial intelligence, robotics, aerodynamics, computer programming, coding, chemical and engineering, artificial intelligence, and many more.

Recognized as a national model for out-of-school time educational enrichment, the Pathfinders program achieves results by offering intensive, technologically advanced, and highly motivational academic programming. Courses are facilitated on partner university and corporate campuses, and provide youth with hands-on opportunities in technical environments. In addition to teaching high quality academic topics, students are also educated in soft-skills that include communication, networking, teamwork, professional etiquette, and time and resource management.

Spring 2023 Enrollment Begins in December!